How can you save the earth daily?

Small actions multiplied by millions make a change

So, here we are, in the 21st century, facing uncountable problems that not many people seem to care about. It is a fact that we only have one earth and resources are scarce – everyone has already heard these comments here and there, but no one seems to actually take action and try to solve them.

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I read a quote the other day, by Jodi Picoult, which I quote: “You can always edit a bad page. You can’t edit a blank page”. This kept me thinking… I started to look around daily and concluded that most people do absolutely nothing to change the path that the previous generations have put us into.

I asked my acquaintances: “Hey, what did you do today to save the earth?” and, at first, they all thought I was joking. Only a few moments later did they realize that I was, in fact, talking seriously, and looked at me as if I was some lunatic who had no sense of reality – but is it really me who lacks this consciousness?

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That said, what I want to share is that there is, indeed, a lot that we can do to help this world move towards a more sustainable future. If everyone takes small actions, we can turn it into a better place! And when I refer to “small actions”, I really mean that… Turn off the water when you are brushing your teeth and use the least you can whilst washing the dishes. Avoid an excessive usage of plastic – use glass bottles and reusable bags – or, at least, reuse the plastic ones as many times as you can (and, by “as many times as you can”, I mean as many times as health organizations recommend) and afterwards, switch to greener options! Give a new purpose to those plastic containers in which supermarket foods are stored (for instance, the ice cream containers that many people buy and throw out). Try to make natural juice at home instead of buying it in plastic bottles – besides helping the environment, you’re also helping your health! Recycle – and yes, you can do it the way you most certainly were taught in primary school, it is as simple as that! But please, do not throw trash on the floor or any other place that is not the right bin, that is not acceptable. Avoid food waste – if you cooked too much food, no problem, you can save it for later. It is budget-friendly and even more important than that, it is earth-friendly! 

And now, you may think I am claiming that we should all put our money into these new, “greener” options… But if you take a closer look to these suggestions, you will realize that most of them are small incorporations of environmentally friendly daily habits, or one-time purchases, at most! Besides, if we do not act now, where are you going to spend your savings in the future? The scarcer the resources, the more costly they are going to be – it is the law of supply and demand. You do not need to be an economics junkie to understand that if there is more demand than supply, then prices will, for sure, go up.

These are just a few ideas that everyone can start implementing in their daily lives as soon as possible, but there are a ton more of them. I could spend days in a row enumerating small habits that people can incorporate in order to change the path we got ourselves into. Well, actually… We do have a very interesting feature in our club which covers this topic! We provide you the best ideas to start implementing in your daily life that will, for sure, make it greener and in an effortless way! They’re our oikosTips – you should definitely check them out on our Instagram page. 

My father has always reminded me: “It does not matter how things started – what matters is how they end. And it is never late to change something that is wrong.”

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And you, what did you do today to save the earth?

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