The Team



Performs internal and external consulting projects: internal consultancy for the sustainability office of the school, with the aim of making our university campus more sustainable; and external consultancy for external entities.

Content Creation

Aims to promote the education of environmental issues and sustainability matters inside and outside the school community, including curriculum changes in the bachelor’s program, articles, podcasts, and didactic activities at elementary schools.


Focuses on organising events for the community and team-building activities inside the club.


Focuses on developing, maintaining and stimulating a strong branding for oikos Lisbon. It aims at promoting the club’s events, projects and collaborations, as well as, expanding its network.

Corporate Relations

Brings organisations closer to oikos Lisbon’s members by establishing relationships with potential partners outside the school community.

Join Us

Are you passionate about sustainability? Want to be part of a global network of students eager to make our community more environmentally conscious and sustainable? Join our team!

We recruit new members twice a year, at the beginning of every academic semester. 

Recruitment process:

1. Application form
2. Interview
3. Member selection