The Recycling Guide

The Recycling Guide was created by oikos Lisbon in order to educate Nova SBE students and staff on how to properly sort their waste so that it can eventually be recycled. In the guide, readers find a section on waste sorting best-practices, as well as a short depiction of reasons for recycling and a FAQ.

This guide has the long-term goal to make Nova SBE’s students and staff aware about how important it is to properly sort their waste and to implement waste sorting best practices in their daily life.

Let’s all work together for a more environmentally friendly campus!

Did you know?

Did you know paper coffee cups are non-recyclable and must therefore be disposed in the grey (general waste) bin?

Or did you know that by sorting your waste properly, you contribute to saving energy, raw materials and natural resources (in the production of new goods)?

Find this and more on the Recycling Guide: